A Fresh Look at Importing Data into Freshsales

We are constantly researching opportunities where we can improve the customer experience for data migrations. More flexibility for you = smiles for us.
We found such a case, and we are excited to launch a new addition to our service: Import2 for Freshsales.

We were excited to find there are a few ways that we can really help enhance the data migration experience for users looking to make the switch.

A little context before we begin…

  • Freshsales will help you perform data migrations from Zoho, Insightly, Pipedrive, Salesforce or Salesforce IQ (you can read more about that here).
  • They also have tutorials for importing from CSV file if you were on another CRM and are comfortable doing a manual import.

Where do we fit in?

  1. We support a robust selection of source CRM tools. You can move into Freshsales from Hubspot, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM and 20+ more tools. If we don’t currently support it (that’s rare!) we can research the possibility for you.
  2. We offer full-service data migration — meaning we handle both the export and import. We use API, not files, which translates to less headaches for you! Eliminating the need to export your data also means that we can bypass those pesky export limitations from your source CRM.
  3. We offer custom mappings and other customized import options that mean more flexibility for you, and more control over how your data is migrated. There is no need for your fields to have the exact same names in both systems for mappings to work. We can also map picklist values from your source into different options in Freshsales. We can do even more with customizations, all you have to do is ask!
  4. Our process is designed from invaluable experience, which tell us that in order for a data migration to be successful, you need to test! That’s why every import starts with a sample and allows you as much time as you need to review the data before committing to the full migration. We support your ability to give feedback, request adjustments and work through as many iterations as needed to make sure it is done right.

Let’s review:
No limitations. Customizable. Automated.

Did I mention most imports are complete within 1–2 business days?