A Simpler Way to Track Business Metrics with Import2 Metrics

Thinking of tracking metrics for your various business tools, but realizing it’s kind of a hassle? It’s like going to the doctor for a check-up — you’ve got to take time off work, commute there and back, and rely on someone else’s expertise to get an accurate assessment. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just step on the scale in the comfort of your own home, and see in an instant your health and wellness indicators?

In researching how managers are trying to track business metrics, we’ve noticed a few things.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you quickly run into things like:

  1. Inordinate amounts of setup time to configure the metrics within your existing tool (or in Excel if you like to stick to the classics)
  2. Unclear definitions of metrics criteria (What makes up my total revenue figure? Which helpdesk ticket statuses are included or excluded from a customer wait time calculation?)
  3. General shooting-in-the-dark scenarios (what metrics are other people tracking? Is my configuration aligned with industry standards?)

If you are (or were) scared off by the above experiences and you opted for some help, you may still find:

  • There is a high cost of both time and money to acquire specialized help, whether that be an IT resource or the purchase of a business intelligence tool.
  • Reliance on external support often means a disconnect from making metrics a part of your daily routine. Having to accommodate somebody else’s schedule makes it easy for you to lose track or lose interest.

So what is a team lead, a department head or a business owner supposed to do? Spend countless hours navigating the options to find the lesser of two evils? Not track metrics at all? While it’s easy to avoid it or to blindly choose a solution, I would like to throw a third option on the table.

Introducing: Import2 Metrics

Import2 Metrics was created with the belief that tracking business metrics should be simple, accessible, and clear. Anyone should be able to retrieve meaningful information from their data in order to run their team, their department, their business better — regardless of their experience or know-how.

What we’ve done is replace the doctor’s office and provide you with a cool new scale that you can put anywhere you want, use it anytime you want and feel confident that you are getting the insights you need (whether you use a CRM, helpdesk, chat software, app store…you get the idea).

We’ve got you covered with:

  1. A library of pre-configured metrics with clear definitions and real-life examples. This way you never have to guess what metrics you should be tracking, and you know exactly what you are getting from the moment you start.
  2. Assurance that your metrics are accurate. Review the definitions we provide to understand the criteria, or drilldown into the data behind the numbers. If there is anything unclear, simply contact us and we will be happy to walk through it with you.
  3. Daily updates via email or Slack. Once you make your selection, you don’t have to think about running them again. We make it easy to incorporate metrics into your daily routine.
  4. Multi-tool support. Simply connect the tools of your choice and collect all of your metrics in one place. If you use a tool that we don’t currently support, just let us know and we will be happy to add it!


Interested, but not convinced? We want you to get just as excited about data as we are, because there are practical benefits waiting to be gained!

We know that with Import2 Metrics, you can:

  • Avoid the manual effort and time it takes to setup and track metrics regularly
  • Obtain the critical data you need to effectively manage your team, department or business
  • Establish benchmarks for yourself and your team, and use the metrics to ensure you are meeting or exceeding your goals

We see this as an opportunity to provide you with a simple yet powerful one-stop-shop for all your business reporting and analysis. Don’t leave information on the table — start tracking metrics and achieve more with your data!

Find the right metrics for you.