All Things New with Import2 Wizard - March 21, 2019

Your friends at Import2 Wizard are at it again! We have focused recently on not only streamlining your experience, but also providing some helpful guides to navigate some of the nuances of the apps you use. It's not always enough to keep improving the (best) data sync tool, sometimes you need a quick visual "how-to" to gain the edge to become a true Wizard.

Let's have a look at this week's updates!

New and Improved Dashboard


Your Import2 Wizard dashboard has a new look! Now, you can see all of your active data syncs, as well as recent imports and exports, all in one place. You’ll also enjoy quick navigation to setup a new data sync, import or export right from your dashboard. Less clicking around means more time saved for you to go about your day.

Simplifed Navigation


We are excited about our new and improved navigation. From anywhere in your Wizard account, you are never more than a click away from what you need. If you check out your dashboard, you can click to view all of your data syncs, imports and exports (or, setup new ones!). And now, even if you are in the middle of setting up a new data sync, you can click over to your dashboard or your full data sync list to check what’s already been setup. No extra clicks, no fumbling around for what you need.

Related Object Mapping


Just when you thought you couldn’t ask for more - Import2 Wizard now supports the ability to sync data from related objects when you setup a data sync between your business apps. So, if you need to get a field from a related record, you can now set that up yourself in the field mappings step! For example, if you are syncing data between Google Contacts and HubSpot, and you want to grab the contact’s related group info from Google and map that into a note, tag or other custom field in HubSpot, it’s as easy as any other mapping!

Simplified Export Scheduling


We have streamlined our export feature to now allow you to choose one-time or scheduled exports with just a click. Previously, one-time and scheduled exports were treated separately. But now, you can simply select how often you need the export during the first step. If you select daily, weekly or monthly, you’ll receive the export file via email. And as always, with both one-time and recurring exports, you can manually run them anytime and download the file from your Wizard account. And as a bonus, you can view all exports together, clearly labeled as one-time and scheduled, under the export section of your dashboard.

How to Automate Ticket Imports into Zendesk

Import2 Wizard makes it so simple to automate the import of ticket data into your Zendesk account. If you have ticket data stored in CSV, you can do a one-time setup of the fields you wish to map, and then let Import2 Wizard do the rest. After you’re setup, simply email your CSV anytime you need it imported to the unique email address provided by Import2 Wizard, and the data will sync into your Zendesk account. That’s right - one time setup, and then all it takes is sending an email! Check out our quick guided video to see the steps in action.

How to Save Formatting When Importing Trello Cards

In a new video this week, we’ll show you how to save your formatting when importing cards into your Trello board! You can use this method to save bold, italics, line breaks and more, so that you don’t lose your hard work when you import it into Trello.

How Google's "Other Contacts" Feature Works

You may not realize, but Google has a setting which you can configure to handle “other contacts” (i.e. contacts not in your contact list). This is important to know, as the contacts you email can be auto-added as an “other contact” and then subsequently added into your contacts list. When your contacts are added into your contacts list, you can sync them into other business apps you use, like HubSpot, Salesforce and more. Check out the video to learn more about how to use the Google “other contacts” feature.

We hope these guides will help you make the most of Import2 Wizard. When paired with our simple and efficient tool features, you'll be able to perform data syncs in your sleep.