Can I Sync Google Contacts with my HubSpot CRM Without Creating a Mess? (Hint: yes you can!)

You might be approaching this subject with some skepticism. Existing solutions out there don’t work perfectly and tend to produce unwanted results.

I’m here to give you a reason to be optimistic again.

Why you need a data sync to begin with

Google Contacts is used pervasively in sales, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Neither is your CRM. But are they reflecting the same data? They should be!

It’s not only about working efficiently (which is an obvious benefit of syncing data - no more manual double-data entry!) but you can also work more personally with your customers.

When you sync Google Contacts and HubSpot, you can:

  • See when a customer (or potential customer!) is calling you on your mobile. Syncing critical contact details from your CRM to your mobile can facilitate more personal and productive communication with your clientele.
  • Make updates to your contacts while on the go, and have them reflected in your CRM when you get back to the office. This means when a customer provides you with an updated mailing address, you can update it once in Google Contacts on the spot, and have it in your CRM automatically for the next time you send out a mailing.
  • See newly created contacts where you need them. Whether you have a new lead form submission and need their contact details to follow-up on your mobile, or if you add a new contact on the go and want to set a task reminder to follow up in your CRM - you have all your business contacts where you need them.

How to get it right

You may have looked into various apps and integration tools already, or you may be starting from scratch. Here’s a few pointers to put on your must-have list when setting up a sync:

Your sync should:

  • Add newly created contacts. Ensure that any new contact you create in Google Contacts can be reflected in your HubSpot database, and vice versa.
  • Update the contact details you select. You know which fields you want updated, overwritten or ignored. Setup the data sync with complete control over what data is added.
  • Deduplicate. You don’t want a mess that you have to clean up. Setup automatic deduplication based on your contacts’ unique field (like email address), so that you only add truly new contacts, and so that your updates are added to the correct record.
  • Run as often as you need. You should know exactly when and how often your data is going to be synced, so you have predictable results you can actually use when you need it. Decide if you need the sync to be daily, hourly, etc.
  • Be predictable. It bears repeating - you don’t want a mess! You should monitor your sync results as needed to see what contacts have been added or updated, and even spot-check a few from time to time to ensure the sync is working as expected.

There are various ways to get your sync setup. The two main routes you can take are:

  1. Use your development resources to build a sync that meets your needs
  2. Pick a 3rd party solution that is already built which can solve what you need

Most companies out there opt for #2, as it just doesn’t make sense to pour the time and money to develop something that others have already created - especially when those resources can be directed to another critical business need for your company!

So if you, like many other businesses out there, are looking for a 3rd party solution that actually works (this is important! Many can promise, few can deliver), the best out there is Import2 Wizard.

What does Import2 Wizard deliver?

Well, everything. Import2 Wizard solves each of the items I’ve listed above.

  • Syncs new contacts
  • Syncs updates to existing contacts
  • Deduplicates
  • Runs as often as once per hour
  • Has predictable results, you can track in granular detail if you need it

And perhaps most importantly: it requires no technical know-how to setup.

Don’t take my word for it, you can see here exactly what it looks like to setup a data sync from scratch:

Setup the data sync here to give it a test run, and let us know what you think!