Counting Users with Intercom

Did you start using Intercom recently and now thinking about getting some metrics and analytics? This post will help you to get started. Nothing complicated, no advanced analytics tools, just a quick overview of things you can setup in few minutes today right inside Intercom.

Total Number of Users

So first obvious metric you will want to track is the total number of users. Just to show you how many total users you have. You can see this number in the top left corner in Intercom with title All users.

Keep in mind that depending on your Intercom setup it might also include deleted or inactive users. In which case, you may want to clean up the database before counting all users.

Active Users

So next logical step is to understand how many users of the total are using your system and can be called active users. Luckily, Intercom allows you to create a filter/segment like that.

Depending on your business, you might also want to track your daily and monthly active users. Just choose the right number of days, when filtering.

New Users

Now that you know a number of your active users, you will quickly notice, that this number doesn’t change that much on a daily basis. And you will soon start asking yourself, how do I track new users that are signing up for your product. And again, you can use Intercom filters/segments to create a view to show you count of new users created during certain period.

Total Number of Paid Users

Unless you are a non-profit organization, you will also want to know how many of users are paying you. This metric will have different setup depending on if your customers are businesses or individuals.

Let’s assume though you are selling directly to end users (B2C) and you are already sending purchase events into Intercom. If not, you can read the following guide: Track events in Intercom.

So counting number of paid users, would be again as simple as creating a filter to find all users that have custom purchase event in the past.

4 Metrics with Intercom Segment Feature

Now you can use Intercom segment and filter feature to start tracking 4 simple metrics about your user base

  • Total Number of Users
  • Active Users
  • New Users
  • Paid Users

Hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions about more specific Intercom metrics, please leave a comment on this post.