Extracting Sales Activity History from Your CRM

You have a need to get your activities and notes out of your CRM. It could be to:

  • Migrate your legacy CRM data
    You need to move all your data into a new CRM, and you don't want to lose any historical details your team has painstakingly logged.
  • Analyze team performance
    Are your sales staff completing all the tasks they've been assigned? Is there anyone who needs guidance or coaching to be more productive?
  • Dig into a specific client's details
    Understand how they are being managed if they are a unique or interesting case (perhaps a deal is taking substantially longer to close and you need to investigate your sales team's engagements with that client to learn why).
  • Gather data for reporting
    You want to do some analysis on call outcomes, meetings attended per client, or many other important key metrics to understand your sales teams' efforts.


Nutshell has a great article which covers the various reasons for looking into your sales team activities here. It's important not to overlook this aspect of your data. But to do so, you need access, and your CRM may not have the perfect (or any!) tool to export this data. In this case, you can turn to 3rd party apps to get the job done.

One such app is Import2 Wizard, which allows you to export any data from your CRM into CSV. In 2 quick steps, you're there!

Step 1: Start a new export by selecting the tool to export from, and the type of records you want to export

Step 2: Download the data to CSV (you have the option of filtering and choosing which fields to include in the export in this step, if you wish).

It really is that easy. Import2 Wizard allows you to accomplish any data export task like a pro.