First Marketing Metric To Track

At Import2 we’re lucky enough to have organic traffic generating more leads than we could handle for quite a long time. But eventually efficiency of the product allowed us to serve more customers and proactive marketing became one of our priorities.

Willing to be a data-driven company, the first task I had was to identify the right metrics to track the marketing. I didn’t want to make things too complicated. So I wanted to find single metrics, that would get us into the habit of tracking our marketing activities and results.

We picked a simple metric to start with: New Leads Per Day/Week

By Lead, we defined a new contact that has interacted with us and we know a name and email of that person. Meaning that if you just visited our website, but didn’t signup for a trial or submitted any forms you are not considered a lead.

Tracking this metric daily helps us to have a pulse on the results of our marketing efforts. If there is a significant difference in the numbers, we can always login into our marketing automation platform, we use Autopilot for this, and research in more details what is going on or what are the channels that new leads are coming from.