Import2 Wizard: Meet Your New HubSpot Certified App

We are happy to announce that Import2 Wizard is now a certified app in HubSpot's Connect Marketplace.

Import2 has long been a partner of HubSpot, helping users migrate their legacy data onto the HubSpot platform. Now, with Import2 Wizard, we are helping users to do regular imports & updates of their data, exports, as well as integrations with other SaaS tools. Each of these features works with any HubSpot object - including contacts, companies, deals, timeline activities and notes.

“Our customers want to achieve great results fast, and we’re always looking to provide solutions and tools that will help them do their jobs quickly and streamline operations. Import2 Wizard’s offering is a great option for achieving that efficiency, and we’re excited to have them on as part of the Connect Program.”

Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot

Celebrate this exciting milestone with us by trying out Import2 Wizard for HubSpot today!