All Things New with Import2 Wizard - March 6, 2019

Your magicians at Import2 Wizard have been hard at work updating our product so you can have an even better experience while you use our tool. We're excited to share more robust data sync features, new connectors and more! Let's take a look...

Data Sync Preview


Now, when you setup a data sync with Import2 Wizard, you can preview the results before you make it live! Perhaps you need to change a mapping, or you realized you need to do a little database housekeeping before initiating the data sync. Now you have eyes on the results before making changes to your actual data.

Full Database Sync

Import2 Wizard data sync is now configured to run for your full dataset when you activate the sync. Previously the default handling synced recently updated records, and of course any new changes moving forward. Now, your data sync will cover your entire database, even older records!

Filtering the Records in Your Data Sync

If you need to filter what data is synced between your business apps, now you can set this up yourself with Import2 Wizard’s new and improved data sync feature! So, if you are only interested in syncing a segment of records, or perhaps you need to filter out bad data, it’s a simple step to do this in your data sync setup. What’s even better? Only the data that meets the criteria for your filter will be counted towards your dataset size in your subscription plan!

Declutter Your Dashboard

If you’ve been using Import2 Wizard for a while, you may have quite a few things setup which are no longer active. Import2 Wizard gives you the option to declutter your list of data syncs, or scheduled exports so that you only see what you need. This makes your job of monitoring relevant automations for your business apps easy and clear!

HubSpot Blog Export

This week, Import2 Wizard introduced support for the export of your HubSpot blog posts! So, if you’re looking to move your blog elsewhere, or you just need a backup of your quality written content, we’ve got you covered.

As always, Import2 Wizard is committed to providing you with the simplest and most effective data sync tool for your business. All of our updates were built with this goal in mind, but if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!