Introducing Automated HubSpot Marketing Data Migration

I get it, moving is the worst. The last time I moved, I contemplated hiring a professional and letting them deal with it. The tipping point is when I realized there are some things I just couldn’t do myself (like lifting my unnecessarily large sofa. I’m just one person!)

Moving your data is a similarly frustrating and sometimes impossible task. Marketing tools can be especially excruciating, since there are so many facets to consider — contacts, lists, contact history, blogs, web pages, workflows…you get the idea.

Import2 already has over 20,000 data migrations under our belt, so we’ve decided to tackle this problem head-on. We’re expanding our trusted automated migration service to HubSpot Marketing.

Check it out here.

Why this, why now?

Import2 has been successfully migrating users to HubSpot CRM for over 2 years. During this time, we’ve received many requests for migrations to HubSpot’s marketing platform. The more we heard from you, the more we researched and what we found surprised us — there are no great tools or options out there to perform a marketing migration.

Currently, the most common solution is to hire a consultant or implementation specialist, which usually translates to high cost and a slow process.

There are also limitations with what you can import manually to HubSpot Marketing. For example, there is no native feature for importing contact history (what HubSpot calls “engagements”).

If you need to migrate your data quickly while keeping the cost down, and you can’t risk losing critical historical data — it’s time to hire the moving professionals!

What can we help with?

We bypass the manual export/import restrictions by using API, which means no data loss for you. This process is automated, which means that you can complete a migration in 1-click, and start using HubSpot Marketing in just hours.
The service is available now, and we are continuing to build the most in-demand connectors for your various source marketing tools. This means a cost-effective service already at your fingertips.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, try it out for yourself! We offer free sample migrations with your own data so you can see just how easy this is — Import2 for HubSpot Marketing.