What’s New with Import2 - February 2019

Import2 Wizard has a few changes that we hope will expand and improve your experience. Not only have we added more tool connections, but we have also improved features for existing tools and upgraded the data sync feature for an even better user experience. Let’s take a look!


Improvements to Data Sync

You can now make changes to the fields in the apps you use without affecting the data sync you have running with Import2 Wizard. So, if you decide you want to delete a field from your apps, but that field is still mapped in your data sync setup, don’t worry! Your data sync will continue to run without a snag.

Updates for Zendesk customers

If you use Import2 Wizard with your Zendesk account, you’ll see the Zendesk URL is displayed now in your connections list, so you can differentiate between multiple accounts with ease.

Pricing updates

Starting this week:

  • CSV Export is now free in all packages.
  • CSV Import is $1 per 1,000 rows

Data automation features like Data Sync, Scheduled Export and Auto Import are now part of our paid plans starting from $29/month. If you wish to review all our plan options, feel free to check those out here.

Sync with more apps

Nimble customers rejoice! We have added the connection to Nimble, so you can now perform data sync, imports and exports of your Nimble contacts using Import2 Wizard.

What did not change is that the Import2 team is still committed to build the most simple data sync tool for your business purposes.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about any of the changes!