Get your CRM on the Google Train, with a 1-Click Switch to ProsperWorks

I could write you a charming intro…but if you are here, you are probably ready to drop what you are doing and move your CRM over to ProsperWorks.


Well don’t want another minute! If you’re ready to try it out, we now offer automated data migrations for ProsperWorks. That means you can switch to the Google integrated CRM platform in as little as a few hours, and with as much effort as it takes to click a button (you can muster that, can’t you?).

The Facts:

Who are we?

The data migration experts — haven’t you heard? We offer full-service data migrations from over 20+ CRM platforms into ProsperWorks.

What will we migrate?

We support every Company, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Note, Task and Activity from your source CRM!
We also automatically migrate all of your standard fields (no mapping!). If you have custom fields, we can handle that too.

How do we do this?

Magic. Just kidding. Experience! With over 20,000 data migrations under our belt, we have a tried and true process that will ensure the success of your migration.

It all starts with a free sample import. Connect your source CRM and ProsperWorks accounts, and we will load sample data over the API (no files!) so you can check how a migration will look with your own data. Have adjustments to make? No problem, contact us by email or phone and we’ll walk through your requirements together. When you’re ready, you can purchase and kick-off the full migration right from our site to complete the switch over to ProsperWorks!

How do we compare?

You can manually import Companies, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities into ProsperWorks via CSV/Excel file. You can read more about that here.

If you choose this option, be aware, you may experience some data loss exporting from your source CRM, and you cannot import activity history or notes into ProsperWorks without developer resources to use their API.

Import2 is the only professional service available that integrates directly with your source CRM and ProsperWorks accounts to complete an automatic, seamless transfer of your CRM data. No files, no technical knowledge necessary.

Give it a try now!