Understanding Pipedrive Data Model

Its probably your first days on Pipedrive now and everything seems new and unfamiliar at the moment. I have been there myself and wanted to share thoughts that I wish we paid attention to during the first days.

You think why would you need to better understand the data structure? It is like with driving the car, you need to know some basics about how car is working, before you can start. And you really need to know the details, if you want to get max performance out of your car (Pipedrive). Knowing the data model will help you become better user, setup right reports and be ready for integration with other apps you use, when you need that.

Top Level Objects

Pipedrive has 3 top level object types you will be working with:

  • Deals: are used to track your sales opportunities. Things like deal size, close date, status are tracked in Deals.
  • People: are simply contacts you are working with. Typically you put contact info like email address and phone number here.
  • Companies: in many cases you are selling to companies, so you also want to track company data, like number of employees, annual revenue, industry.

As you may guess deals, companies and contacts are all connected to each other. Individual deals are typically associated with specific person and company. In complex sales cases there might be multiple contacts related to a deal — called Deal Participants.

On each deal, contact, company you can track activities and add notes. Activities in Pipedrive can be of different type like email, task, call, etc. And good part is that you can modify the types of activities to create custom ones like “product demo”, “sign the contract” or “postcard” to make your sales steps more obvious.

Another object that you might not notice right away are Products. This allows you to track what products or services you sell. Typically you setup a list of product and their pricing and later during sales you associate right product with deal.

Thats it. Hope this summary will help you out. And if you want to learn more details about, checkout this help article.