Update HubSpot Deals to Set Link to Associated Contacts

As of now, HubSpot does not support the linking of Contacts to deals during an import. But if the idea of manually updating each deal to set the link seems daunting (or just plain annoying!), there is a solution available.

Please note, this solution uses Import2 Wizard, which is a 3rd party tool, but which does offer a free option for those looking to import, export and update data within HubSpot and other SaaS tools.

We'll make a few assumptions before we get started, but there are alternative steps you can take if one of these does not apply to you:

  • you've already imported your deals into HubSpot
  • the contacts you need to link the deals to also exist within HubSpot
  • your deals have a field you can use to identify which contact they should be linked to

So, the first steps will be to export the needed data from HubSpot into CSV:

  1. Head to your deals table, and (if needed) create a filter to view those that need to be updated. In my example, I need to update all, so I do not need to apply any filters.
  2. Export the deals to CSV, including all properties (this is critical, as this is the option that provides the unique deal ID that we'll use later to perform the update)

Next, I want to get rid of any unneeded columns from my CSV, to keep it to just the items I need for the update. So we'll keep:

  • deal ID
  • deal email (this is the field I use in HubSpot to identify the associated contact)

Next, we'll login to Import2 Wizard and start the update process:

  1. select the "Start New Update" to setup the update using this file we've created above
  2. select the deal ID field to map as the unique identifer of your existing deals (this will ensure that no new deals are created, but that you are just updating those that match by ID)
  3. map the contact unique id field (in my case, "deal email") Note: this mapping uses the "lookup" field type to find the actual contact record in HubSpot. You'll select what type of lookup it is (i.e. is it "email", "ID" etc. In my case, it is "email")
  4. Start the update! When it's done, you can click through to view the record to instantly check that the link was set correctly

Here is the full video tutorial to help illustrate the steps: